Triathletes Skills Profile

Read each statement below and decide if it applies to you by answering true or false

  1. I prefer to ride in a bigger gear with a lower cadence
  2. I prefer better in shorter races
  3. As an interval gets shorter I get better
  4. I am stronger at the end of a long workout then my training partners
  5. I can squat more weight than other athletes of the same fitness
  6. I prefer long races
  7. I run and bike hills better then most my age
  8. I enjoy high volume training weeks
  9. My running stride is short and quick
  10. I am better at sprint workout then endurance
  11. In most sports I am stronger then most athletes my age
  12. I am more muscular then most triathletes my age
  13. I am better at swimming in rough water than most in my age group
  14. I prefer workouts that are shore but fast
  15. I am confident of my endurance at the start of a long race

Force 1,5,7,12,13,

Speed 2,3,9,10,14

Endurance 6,8,11,15

A score of 4 or 5 true answers for any for the above indicates a strength

A score of 3 or less true answers means you have some work to do.